Bench masters magazine

A collaborative, high quality magazine from North America’s finest Benchers, Writers, Riders and Railroaders.

Submission guidelines:

If you’re interested in submitting some content for the first volume of Bench Masters Magazine, please read our submission guidelines carefully.

We are interested in original content only (content that has not been published online or in print before). We would like written articles to accompany your high quality photographs. No plagiarism or stolen photos. All submissions must be graff / railroad related. Please use spellcheck and take your time with the article. Quality is important. Write as much as you like, but no less than four paragraphs. Feel free to snail mail us your hardcopy photographs. Please label your name as you would like to be credited on the back of each physical photo you send, along with your email address.

Please mail your hardcopy photographs / content


Nicholas Gervin

221 Woodford St. Apt.3

Portland, ME 04103

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Vol.1 submissions now open!

Please note: physical photos mailed in will not be mailed back. If you would prefer to submit content electronically, please use our submissions form below. If you are not familiar with high resolution imaging (1MB or greater), you will be better off snail-mailing your submission / photos and we will prepare your content for print. All submissions will be reviewed and you will be contacted via email if your content is selected for web or print publishing. You will receive a free copy of the zine, stickers and other shit if your content is published in print. Thank you for putting some energy into documenting our culture and for submitting to Bench Masters Magazine. If you have any questions pertaining to submissions, please feel free to email me at