The lines don’t lie


From the executive producer of the Year-round Metal Enjoyment film comes the book series, The Lines Don’t Lie.  The first of its kind to solely showcase the contemporary freight-train graffiti subculture photographed along the rail lines of New England. Volume 1 was published in 2017 with great success and was sold out within two months of its release. Back by popular demand, we will be publishing Vol. 1 in paperback editions in early 2019. We are also currently working hard on Vol. 2. The series is packed with trackside productions, missions in nearby tunnels, and life (and death) at the gravel's edge, along with hundreds of painted freights.  It is an unbiased look at not only who is the "most up", but who is out there attempting this at all. The archival sections in Vol. 1 include contributions from Sept, Spek, and Learn.  Among the hundreds of photographs are wisdoms and witticisms from twenty-five graffiti writers, along with insights from rail workers and a foreword by legendary writer, Ichabod.

All photographs (archives being the exception) were made by Nicholas Gervin with his Fujifilm camera.  The first run of hardcovers was printed in the U.S.A., hand-bound by the artist, and was released as a limited edition of three hundred copies. The second run will be one thousand paperbacks, with fifty of them being special editions signed by Ichabod.


Nicholas Gervin is a documentary/street photographer from Portland, Maine who began making photographs at the age of twelve to chronicle the graffiti he found while exploring his urban surroundings.  The Lines Don't Lie has allowed him to pay homage to his own humble beginnings and to the culture itself.  Inspired by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant's Subway Art and the On The Run blackbook series (specifically "Volume One: Jepsy"), Gervin combines the many styles of graffiti documentation to highlight what he sees rumble past him on the lines.  Returning to his roots, many of the photographs mimic his early '90's point-and-shoot style of image making and often utilize a flash.  Published both nationally and internationally in the street photography circle, he aspires to bring the same level of attention to this artform and has dedicated over three years to the project.

Michelle Ferris has a B.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in art (with a concentration in painting and photography).  She is a recent convert to the "benching" culture and provided the wheels for this undertaking.

TLDL book launch and exhibition. November 3rd, 2017.